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Watching Planes are influenced by the melodic side of British indie, as well as classic pop & rock, and have amassed a huge 'back catalogue' of songs: an eclectic bag of irresistibly melodic tunes with rich vocal harmony, tasteful arrangements and insightful lyrics.

"With their modern-day 'White Album' feel it's hardly surprising industry pros and local impresarios alike have drawn parallels with the likes of Paul McCartney, Squeeze and Crowded House." - Wokingham Festival website

Veteran producer Stuart Epps (Elton John, Led Zeppelin, George Harrison, Oasis, Robbie Williams) told us: "Nice and McCartney-ish. Very good songs, these! I like this stuff, right up my street - you're very talented.” 

We've had a few Industry offers (including from Live and Unsigned) as well as reviews, and have made the Finals of an international song competition on several occasions - see below for more quotes.

The band will play Platform Festival in Yorkshire on 16th July alongside Badly Drawn Boy, The Shires and Gretchen Peters. They were also penultimate act before 60s covers band The Fliks closed Wokingham festival last year.

The Wokingham Paper published this glowing review of the band's performance at Wokingham Festival -

"WATCHING WATCHING PLANES - The band lit up the stage with their energetic set as the sun went down on the final day of the Festival... a sixties vibe with a Britpop twist."

And this is what one London-based sound engineer who wanted to work with us said he was looking for (and what we aspire to...) "Original and jaw-dropping composition and writing... strong harmonic progressions, catchy hooks, poetic, thoughtful lyrics, an amazing voice and great harmonies."
On Saturday 9th July we're presenting Gig in the Sky - a one-day festival at The Jolly Angler's, Kennetside, Reading, featuring local bands such as The Zone, and The Jetstream, culminating in performances by Let it Beatle! and Selina and the Howlin' Dogs as well as smaller, acoustic acts. Here's a map of RG1 3EA.
Click poster to read about Let it Beatle! and listen to covers of Drive My Car, Get Back & Don't Let Me Down.

Facebook takes you to the event page.

Press coverage - Gig in the Sky Festival