Passport Control

We're proud to announce that Watching Planes' music has been 'rubber-stamped' at Immigration by the following international music industry officials:

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'The Crew'

Stuart Epps - Elton John, Oasis

"Nice and McCartney-ish. Very good songs, these! I like this stuff: maybe we should have a chat? I like this material and it's right up my street, you're a very talented guy. I actually think the recordings are pretty good but I would have thrown in a few overdubs."

- Stuart Epps (Producer - Elton John, Led Zepellin, Chris Rea, George Harrison, Oasis, Robbie Williams and UKSC judge).

Fran Ashcroft, Dandy Warhols, Gorillaz

"The songs are excellent! Labels, publishers etc. won't be interested until there's already interest (and in that case why would you need them?) But just remember, A&R is nothing to do with how good music's all about whether it sells. None of them will move a muscle unless something is already happening. The major music business has lost its way, no question."

- Fran Ashcroft (Producer - Gorillaz, Dandy Warhols).

James Sanger - Keane, Dido

"Your songs are quite loose and free... this is mostly good, but it is something we could improve upon, co-writing to augment your talents. As your songs are quite evolved already, to develop you as an artist it would only take two or three months to get a 'sound' and six months to create a complete album. As you know I have always managed to get my artist signed to a record company having been developed by me. Basically think 'Dragons den' ... You and I create a product that we interest an investor in."

- James Sanger (Producer -  Keane Hopes And Fears and co-writer on that LP).

Ian Catt - Saint Etienne

"It's good to work on some interesting songs for a change! It's the least I could do not to mess them up!"

- Ian Catt (Producer and Mercury Prize Nominee - Saint Etienne).

Linda Serck - BBC Radio

"8/10..... Interesting chord sequence and a memorable tune. Sounds a bit like Paul McCartney, we think. A very talented man."

- Linda Serck (BBC Radio).

"The kid's obviously got talent. Maybe the London publishing houses'd be interested?"

- BBC 'The Session Introducing' demo panel judges.

UK Songwriting Contest

"Three times a Finalist, beating over 6000 other international entries to make the top couple of percent."

- The UK Songwriting Contest (organised by The BRIT Trust).

Future Music Management

"Chris Grayston (Head of A&R, Future Music Management) forwarded me a couple of tracks to consider for publishing. It's our intention to sign your song - we'll get a contract to you to look over and be in touch to ask for more of your stuff for considersation"

- Ben Price (Live & Unsigned).

World Domination Music

"I'm pleased to say we are interested in your songs - let me know what kind of deal you're looking for! We can offer you global physical and digital distribution."

- David Buskell (A&R, World Domination Music, London).

Matthew Jay

"It's great to hear how John Lennon would've sounded had he been around. It's one of my favourite songs - I play it all the time on my iPod all the time."

- Rachael Magowan (Promotions Officer for ex-EMI artist Matthew Jay).

Revolver Entertainment

"WOW! That really is SOMETHING!"

- Sebastian Enraghi (Revolver Entertainment).

Britannia Row Studios

"Your tracks are great. The Beatles thing is almost scary: I can see why it's a blessing and a curse! I'd definitely be interested in recording a demo: you could make an amazing record. Youth is one of the regular producers here and I think he'd love your stuff. He produced the Fireman project with Paul McCartney."

- Tom Knight (Sound Engineer, Britannia Row Studios).

Dead Famous Artists

"I am seriously keen on getting behind you as an artist and would forego my fee in return for 50% ownership of the master recordings with you. I could get you a decent output deal with a label, who would pick the album up as I know what they are looking for. I also have physical distribution in place in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. I have satellite distro deals with Japan and India and these are the markets I would concentrate on with your project."

- Mike Puskas (Producer, Australian Independent Label).

Major Screwheads Psychedelic Pop Party

"Hi Kristian, played both One Day At A Time and Good Night this week...terrific songs. Thanks for the music!"

- James Crowther a.k.a. 'The Major' (Reading 4 U radio).

DJ Sparky - Scrub Radio

"I'm checking out the tunes on your website. Very nice! Just the type of tunes I love to share with the listeners on my acoustic radio show, "Just Good People"! Really digging Something Has To Fall... excellent! If you're interested in getting on the air, message me! Keep up the wonderful sounds! Bravo!"

- DJ Sparky (Scrub Radio).

Filippo Gaetani - Producer

"Nice things indeed here on this page. I am definitely thrilled by the McCartney ingredient here and the songs are lovely - we would love to work on some new project of yours."

- Filippo Gaetani (Italian freelance Producer).

Ivan Chandler, ex-Motown

"Nice song, nice voice..."

- Ivan Chandler (ex-Motown Publishing Manager, keyboard player - Cat Stevens, Dusty Springfield, Lulu).

"You could easily write for any number of artists."

- Ian MacDonald (published songwriter, Musicalities).

Catweazle Club, Oxford

"Pretty amazing songwriter... beautiful songs."

- Matt Sage (The Catweazle Club, Oxford).

The Acoustic Lounge Open Mic.

“You sound like a young Paul McCartney! You should play Weyfest - you have a rare talent... wonderful music.”

– Matt Saunders, The Acoustic Lounge Open Mic., The Cellar Bar, Fleet.

Vic Cracknell

"My favourite performance of the night: Beautiful Place by Kristian Wilkins."

"Good songs of yours... Songbird - I really like that one!"

"That new one you played, Souvenirs - it definitely passes the 'Old Grey Whistle' test!"

- Vic Cracknell (Vic's Buskers open mic. nights).

White Bear Promotions

"Great songs - and I love your voice, really suits the material!"

- Jason Riordan (White Bear Promotions, Fleet).

Woody's Open Mic.

"Very 'Crowded House'. I loved Close But No Cigar'... Particularly enjoyed Ladybird".

- Woody's Open Mic. (Farnborough).

"You were awesome! Can I cover [Can't Carry On]? ... I love the way you put vocal melodies together... you write like Cat Stevens!"

- Humphrey Sitima (local musician & songwriter).

"Great chord changes, really unexpected. You'd sound like Nirvana if you speeded it up!"

Grizzly & The Grasshoppers

"Great harmonies!" - Jamie Bowden (keys/vocal harmony).

"Good songs... really enjoyed your set!" - Rhys Morgan (lead vocal/guitar).

The Barn, Farnham

"Thanks for coming, man - you were great! See you again some time."

- Marios Panteli (The Barn, Farnham).

Bohemian Night, Reading

"Good voice, sounds a bit like John Lennon."

- Rob Sowden (Bohemian Night, Reading).

Central Studio, Basingstoke

"Where did you find those amazing chords? Well, they're yours now... great songs!
- Dennis Ward.

Newbury Unplugged

"What key were you playing in?"

- Adam Kotz (Newbury Unplugged).

Expression Open Mic.

"Another strong set!"

- Expression Open Mic. (Wokingham).