Passport Control

We're proud to announce that Watching Planes' music has been 'rubber-stamped' at Immigration by the following international music industry officials:

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'The Crew'

Stuart Epps - Elton John, Oasis

"Nice and McCartney-ish. Very good songs, these! I like this stuff: maybe we should have a chat? I like this material and it's right up my street, you're a very talented guy. I actually think the recordings are pretty good but I would have thrown in a few overdubs."

- Stuart Epps (Producer - Elton John, Led Zepellin, Chris Rea, George Harrison, Oasis, Robbie Williams and UKSC judge).

Fran Ashcroft, Dandy Warhols, Gorillaz

"The songs are excellent! Labels, publishers etc. won't be interested until there's already interest (and in that case why would you need them?) But just remember, A&R is nothing to do with how good music's all about whether it sells. None of them will move a muscle unless something is already happening. The major music business has lost its way, no question."

- Fran Ashcroft (Producer - Gorillaz, Dandy Warhols).

James Sanger - Keane, Dido

"Your songs are quite loose and free... this is mostly good, but it is something we could improve upon, co-writing to augment your talents. As your songs are quite evolved already, to develop you as an artist it would only take two or three months to get a 'sound' and six months to create a complete album. As you know I have always managed to get my artist signed to a record company having been developed by me. Basically think 'Dragons den' ... You and I create a product that we interest an investor in."

- James Sanger (Producer -  Keane Hopes And Fears and co-writer on that LP).