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Something Has To Fall

Animation by Paul Swift (a.k.a. Cosmic Ray), this video was released in 2002 on the website The song was originally written in the 1994 with the lyric finished later but recorded with Ian Catt (Saint Etienne) in 1997.

The chorus is an interpolation of one of Kris' first songs Can't Carry On.

With its anti-war message, it was released as part of a Christmas 'Song-in-a-Card' single for charity on Hit45 Records. 2500 copies made their way into circulation, and it was played on BBC Radio by Linda Serk.

Stills from SHTF video

Christmas Day

Animation by Jawaad Nazir, this video was released December 2011 some time after the song was originally recorded and released in 2005. The children in the video are based on Kris' own kids Eleanor and Alistair.

The song was actually originally written in 1994 with a middle eight being added in 1996. It was eventually recorded with Ian Catt using a new lyric with the object of releasing it in time for Christmas and raising money for charity. It was stocked by Oxfam and advertised nationally through the NCPTA for schools - which resulted in hundreds of pounds being raised. It too received airplay on Linda Serk's BBC show.

The video has been featured on the UK Songwriting Contest's YouTube page since its release.

Stills from Xmas Day video