Szymon - Lead Guitar

Our guitarist, Szymon, from Gdynia in Poland, plays purely by ear yet conjures up some incredible breaks out of thin air.
Szymon's passion for music started after seeing Dire Straits's Alchemy Tour on TV. Inspired by Mark Knopfler's playing he grabbed a guitar. Later he discovered other guitarists - David Gilmour, Ritchie Blackmore, Keith Richards to name but a few from whom he acquired inspiration and various elements of technique and style for both rhythm and lead parts. Szymon's biggest musical hero as a singer, musician, composer and producer is Jeff Lynne.

His passion for music led him The Technical University of Gdansk to complete a Masters Degree in Sound and Vision Engineering.

Szymon writes his own material forming his own originals band, The Jetstream - his sound engineering experience coming in very handy for his own band's recordings.

Photo - Sean Nelson Productions