Writing credits:

All words & music © 1990-2016 Kristian Wilkins and all arrangements & recordings 
2000-2016 Morter/Wilkins except:

Slow Down (© 2002), The Answer (Shangri-La) (© 2006), Looking Both Ways (© 2006), Pictures (© 2011), See The Love (© 2011), Postcards From Home (© 2011) and Christmas Day (© 1994, '96 & 2005)  - music © Morter/Wilkins, lyrics © Kristian Wilkins. Looking Both Ways and Slow Down lyric based on Duncan's title idea.

What You Leave - © 2012 Alistair Wilkins / Kristian Wilkins. Chorus based on a melody & lyric by Alistair.

Love We Gain - © 2004 lyric based on lyrics from Become Yourself and Please Don't Send Me Away by Matthew Jay.

Good Night - © 2003 piano counterpoint suggested by Robert Anderson. Recorded on analogue 4-track.

Snowdrift - © 2001 based on a cello solo suggested for Time Bomb by Gulf.

Down To Earth - © 1997 based on a lyric idea by Chris Downham.

I Love You - recording ⓟ 1997 with David Courtney (production and all instruments except bass, rhythm and lead guitars by Kris).

Something Has To Fall - © 1994 & '96 contains two lines of lyric based on lines from Revolution and Let It Be and a one bar of a guitar phrase based on Something all by The Beatles intended as critical comment on in particular Oasis and Robbie Williams and therefore used under the Fair Dealing exemption.

Hold and Satellite - recording ⓟ 1994 with David Dobson (guitars, keyboard and vocals on Hold) and Jonathan Millard (keyboard and engineering).

Can't Carry On, Sitting In The Rain and Light A Candle - © 1990, '91 & '93, lyrics with Matt Power (1991).

Lo-fi home demos:

All songs (except where stated) recorded at Cotton Riff Studios at School House and Sycamore House, East Cottingwith, near York between 2000 and 2013 (ⓟ D. Morter / K. Wilkins).

Kristian - Lead vocal and harmonies/bvs, acoustic guitar, tambourine, arrangement and production.
Duncan - All other guitar work (including some acoustic), keyboards, arrangement and production, as well as some vocal harmonies/bvs).

Lost In Love, Sink Or Swim, Seeds Of Song and What You Leave unfinished demos recorded by Norbert Varga (all instruments except rhythm guitar) at his home studio in Harringey (ⓟ 2011/2012 N. Varga / K. Wilkins).

Same Again vocals and acoustic guitar recorded with Norbert in December 2012. Piano and orchestration (piccolo, oboe, strings) added by Norbert. Bass, drums, mixing and mastering by Duncan with Archie Morter.

NRQ demos: 

Engineering, Production & all instruments (except acoustic guitar) on Something Has To Fall and Down To Earth (1997) and Christmas Day (2005) (ⓟ I. Catt / K. Wilkins). Guitar solo on Christmas Day written by D. Morter.

Up On A Cloud - recorded ⓟ 2004 with David Dobson (electric piano), Jon Czerwik (bass, percussion, bvs) & Richard Boal (programming & engineering).

Video animation & stills - Something Has To Fall  © 2002 Paul Swift a.k.a. Cosmic Ray. For other stills an attempt has recently been made to contact the copyright holders - please contact via this website if you wish to claim copyright. Video was not created for commercial gain but for storyboard purposes.

Video animation & stills - Christmas Day - © 2011 Jawaad Nazir created from a storyboard by Kris.

Logo design and animation - Hit45 'circuit-board' © 2002 Paul Swift / Kris Wilkins.

Label design - Hit45 Records centre label and logo  - © 2005 Andy Dowell / Kris Wilkins.

WPM logo and poster design - © 2014 Rowena Canning / Kris Wilkins.

Song-in-a-Card - Original vinyl effect CD and CD holder flap concept and design by Kris Wilkins, photo © 2005 Fotosearch stock photography.

Photography - © 2012 Powder Photography, except Up On A Cloud Sleeve photos © 2004 Mark Wayer, 'pearly gates / upside-down guitar' back cover photo taken under Kris' instruction.

Photo of Chris Downham - © courtesy of Chris' memorial website.

Project Umbrella Burma bannar photo - © see PUB website, reproduced courtesy of David and Cathy Downham.

All other © Images - on 'Passport Control' page reproduced courtesy of original website/artist and used for news reporting & critical review purposes under the Fair Dealing exemption. See website link for original photo except the following record cover art used for illustrative purposes - see official artist websites:

Keane - Walnut Tree
Saint Etienne - Foxbase Alpha
Matthew Jay - Further Than Tomorrow
Cat Stevens - Teaser and the Firecat
Matt Sage - Let The Music Out
The Fireman - Paul McCartney & Youth
Andy Bell - Electric Blue

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